Best time for sailing in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Best sailing time in Manuel Antonio

Welcome to the pearl of the South Pacific, Manuel Antonio, a tropical paradise world famous for its national park, its white sandy beaches and its wide range of hotels and restaurants.

Definitely don’t forget to take part in our private catamaran or classic sailboat tours, with which we will take you to see the dramatic and beautiful tropical coastline between Quepos and Manuel Antonio.

But what is the best time to go sailing?

Costa Rica has two distinct climatic seasons, which is the rainy season, which in the Pacific goes from May to the end of October. However, this does not mean that during these months you can not sail, because there are still days without rain, however, and especially during October, the amount of rain in the afternoons is quite abundant.

That is why during the months of October, maybe even early November, we recommend you to book the morning tour, since during the morning, even during the rainy season, the chance of rain is less than during the afternoon.

During the so-called summer months, which is not really a summer but the dry season in the Pacific including Manuel Antonio and Guanacaste, the chances of rain are quite remote, so it is quite safe to book either the morning or the afternoon tour.