Manuel Antonio , the Pearl of Costa Rica´s Central Pacific

Exuberant beauty of beaches and Manuel Antonio National Park



Seven kilometers south of the town of Quepos, directly on fine sandy white and palm-covered Pacific beaches, lies the Manuel Antonio National Park with very good opportunities for wildlife observation. The  National Park has a land area of about 7 km2, including 12 offshore small islands. A great variety of animals can be observed, including iguanas, capuchin monkeys, sloths and more than 350 species of birds. The park is crossed by well-maintained hiking trails. Due to the immediate location at the sea, a visit is a nice combination of nature experience and bathing pleasure.

The Gem fo the Central Pacific, as locals and foreigners call Manuel Antonio, is a unique rocky formation that interrupts the otherwise very long and continuous beaches. Hence, the region offers a variety of landscapes and scenery, including forest covered hills, fantastic white sand beaches, hidden coves ( between Quepos and Espadilla Beach ) and also within the national park, gorgeous islands and islets and simply a fantastic tropical frame work for the ideal bathing destination in Costa Rica.

M.A. is a preferred beach and nature destination among tourists who like tropical rainforests full of wildlife, white sand beaches, palm trees, tropical jungle that meets the ocean, warm and clear water and a variety of activities.


Tours in the area range from adventure trips like canopy, zip lines, horseback riding, ATV tours and white water rafting to eco-tourism adventures, like guided nature hikes in the tropical forests of the park, snorkeling, scuba diving and sport fishing. Catamaran sailing and classic sailboat charters are also among the preferred activities, since you get to see the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean, blue skies, and the rugged and dramatic coast between Quepos and the park.